How to Change the Course of Your Life by the Renewal of Your Mind

You’ve changed.” I used to feel so sad when people told me that. It was almost always followed by a “you are so boring now”, which hurt even more. You see, I was raised in church but also in the world. I’d spend time with my Maker on Sunday, but live Monday ‘til Saturday outside of that safe haven. It’s almost impossible to not conform to the world just a little bit, or in some cases as lot. But I’m sure you yourself have seen a few world-conformed people make a complete 180 and change into Godly Warriors. Wonder how they did that? I’ll tell you: by the renewal of their mind.

Since I grew up in church, I have always been very aware of the things Christians are supposed to do, and which not. I was raised with the belief to think twice before doing something. My first incentive shouldn’t be what I wanted to do, but rather what God wanted me to do. I understood why, I just didn’t always agree or succeed. Especially when I was younger, it felt like such a burden to have to think twice all the time. Why couldn’t I just be young, careless and free like my non-Christian classmates?

I would take a look at their lives and conclude that they were quite happy. So then maybe what they were doing wasn’t all that wicked, was it? Take a simple glance at the world we’re living in, and you’ll know that was a foolish thought. Our generation is growing up in a time where pregnant teenagers are rewarded by a TV-show, slaying your make-up look is a teenage goal and cyber bullying is a real issue. Now, more than ever, it is important for Christians to change their life by renewing their minds. If you don’t allow yourself to discern the good from the bad through the works of the Holy Spirit, the world can and will swallow you.


Renewing your mind is only possible when you do the will of God instead of conforming to the world. Mind you, you can stay away from all things evil and still not have a renewed mind. The renewal of your mind is about allowing the Holy Spirit to enter your mind, body and soul. Out with the old, in with the new. When you let the Holy Spirit lead you, it will become easier for you to discern between good and bad. This transformation will bring about a blood-bought change from the inside out, through your faith in Jesus Christ. You see, your pastor can preach over and over again about the very same thing, yet it takes you five years to even agree with him. Likewise, the people around you can try to convince you of something, but you won’t accept it until YOU allow the spirit to lead you.

It wasn’t until I renewed my mind that I could finally understand the true meaning of a Bible verse I had been reading for years; or that I started wanting to do the right thing all the time instead of most of the time, and I can go on and on. Do I always make the right choices? No, I’m still faulty in many ways. Did I lose friends? Yes. Did people call me a hypocrite? Yes. Did I become boring? To the world, yes. Do I regret it? Not in the slightest. With the renewal of my mind, I understood that it wasn’t about how much I couldn’t do, but how much I could. Or actually, how much I already had. Who heals me when I’m broken? Who lifts me up when I’m sad? Who leads the way when I’m lost? My God! Where would I be without Him? And, more importantly, why would I want to sadden Him with my life choices? I’m not perfect, no I’m not, but I try..

Are you intrigued yet? Good! When you go to bed tonight, ask God to equip your mind to be able to recognize the works of sin. Pray that He may replace your world-conformed thinking with a God-focused mindset. Ask Him to purify your heart, so that you may allow the Holy Spirit to enter it. And no matter what, don’t get discouraged. Yes, we are supposed to live a Christ-like life, but nobody is perfect! Renewing your mind doesn’t mean you will not sin anymore. You will sin, but you will also repent and continue to live the best life you possibly can. Pray this prayer over and over again & just wait until the first person comes and tries to condemn you for having changed. Then will you know that the Holy Spirit has been working in you, and my oh my, what a smile will you have on you face!

God bless,
Sipporra TC
Founder of The Purpose Wife

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