About Us

The Purpose Wife Foundation was established in September 2017, to serve as a platform for women, by women, where we help each other pursue marriage God’s way through biblical teaching and sisterhood. Our mission is to create a world where women dare to love wholeheartedly again.

Women have a divine purpose and are holy in the eyes of the Lord, but in this time and age, it is becoming increasingly harder for Women of God to do things the right way. It seems like we are torn between following the word of God precisely as it is written, and living in a modern day world. The thing is, however, that God’s Word is never outdated! From Genesis to Revelation; what is written in The Bible will always prevail over changing times. God has clearly laid out His guidelines for our lives in the Bible; we need to study, follow and trust His Word.

The Purpose Wife especially aims to connect with young women who aim to be Godly Women & Godly Wives by living their lives the way He has intended. The name The Purpose Wife signifies the woman who is determined to become the best version of herself so that she may be a great blessing to her (future) marriage.

Feel free to connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s support one another in this divine journey called life!

God Bless,
The Purpose Wife Team

Stichting The Purpose Wife is registered at the Commercial Register of Amsterdam under number 72513349.

About The Founders

Sipporra Teeuwissen

Founder & CEO

Sipporra founded The Purpose Wife in September 2017 after ending her long-term relationship. She was determined to invest in herself and make some rigorous life changes to ensure her next courtship would be God-sent. But looking at the world around her, she wasn’t sure where to start. This led her to create a community where young can collectively study & pursue God’s ways, find support from one another, and unlock their full potential.

Sipporra was raised in Christian ways but has gone through periods where her faith was lukewarm. Thankfully, God keeps showing Sipporra how loving, forgiving and faithful He truly is. During the past few years she keeps growing in her faith and ministry. Sipporra is determined to share the Gospel and impact the lives of as many young Christian women as possible.

Ruth Osei

Co-founder & COO

Ruth was raised with the principles of Christianity. It wasn’t until she turned 19 that she started being serious about her walk with God. For over six years now she has been working on her relationship with God, which has had both ups and downs. In every circumstance she keeps her faith, because God has shown her in little and in big things that He exists.

The biggest things God has done for her include helping her in her education & career, and opening doors she never expected to open. One of those doors is co-founding The Purpose Wife. Ruth has been passionate about writing since her childhood, but never dared to share this with others. When the opportunity came to write about God, women, and relationships, she knew she could not let this pass her by.