In this time and age, it is becoming increasingly harder for Women of God to do things the right way. We have a divine purpose and are holy in the eyes of the Lord, but it seems like we are torn between following the word of God precisely as it is written, and living in a modern day world. The thing is, however, that God’s Word is never outdated! From Genesis to Revelation, from the stone-age until now and forever in the future; what is written in The Bible will always prevail over changing times.

God has clearly laid out His guidelines for our lives in the Bible; we need to study, follow and trust His Word. On this website, we will be exploring what The Bible teaches us about the areas of Womanhood, Courtship and Marriage; for women, by women. We especially aim to connect with young women who aim to be Godly Women & Godly Wives by living their lives the way He has intended. The name The Purpose Wife signifies the woman who is determined to become the best version of herself so that she may be a great blessing to her (future) marriage.

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God Bless,
The Purpose Wife Team