How to Overcome Lust

We as upcoming women of Christ need to show the younger generation that we are different from the stereo-typical girl next door. John Piper gave an example and he said ‘’lust is a realm and desire that leads to sexual misconduct.’’

When the woman was made in Genesis, she was taken from the man’s rib. Therefore, the desires that a man has can be equal to that of a woman. As a woman of Christ, you are bound to have feelings, however, you must not give in to the flesh. In Galatians 5:16 NIV it is written ‘’walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.’’ The bible is clearly telling us not to accept desires of the flesh. The word desire comes with every person, you may desire to take walks on a beach but that does not mean you will do it. Young women need to come to a point where they understand that their body is the temple of God, for you to sanctify this temple or for you to protect your temple you need to have security. Our security is The Holy Spirit. If you as a woman are so soaked in the word of God and have declared your body as a Temple of Christ, there will be certain desires that your flesh will cut off. Looking at our body as the Temple of God you may not necessarily view it as serious if you are in the outside world but Spiritually there is a lot more that can be tied into this.

‘Young women need to come to a point where they understand that their body is the temple of God.’

Lust vs Flesh

We as Christian women can never deny that you may have feelings and that lust exist but, we cannot walk after the flesh and expect the flesh to keep our Spirit within. The moment you key into your fleshly desires there will be a point where your Spirit will be pushed far back. You need to see your body as a container that protects God’s Glory and the moment lust comes in, it creates a hole that can eventually be filled up with desires that exclude Christ.

As an individual you need to understand your weakness and work to overcome this weakness. 1 John 2:16 NIV it clearly let’s us know that the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes belong to the world. If you know you have a certain weakness for men without their shirt on then you may need to take some time off from going to the pool or even certain environments where it is normal. As a child of God where things are normal you may have to see it as abnormal. We can’t have the same worldview as other people because, we are called to be different. If a man comes forward who you lust after you need to FLEE, Joseph never stood with Potiphar’s wife to break bread, because he knew how his flesh worked.

The Spirit of God Protects

Lust is self-fulfilling and seeks to please rather than protect. The spirit of God within, is what will protect you. Think of it as anytime you lust after someone you are indeed putting them before God. In this context you could say, you are serving two masters and the bible lets us know in James 1:8 NIV that a ‘’double minded person is unstable in all his ways.’’ The moment you start serving two masters this can be with anything put before God, you are becoming unstable and this unstableness can affect all your ways.

Dear Women of God please, don’t expect to dabble in sin and keep The Holy Spirit within….

God Bless,


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