The Importance of Prayer and Fasting as a Woman

Living a life of the faith does not just come by believing in your faith. You must back this up with spiritual practices which will enable you to evoke certain blessings and unlock key secrets in the Christian Kingdom. One of the main keys a christian should unlock is the power of prayer and fasting. As women in Christ we can’t let society show us how to honour, worship or adore our God. We learn how to honour God through sound teachings. Everyone may have their own definition for it, but for me prayer is a time where I can physically and mentally submit my all to God.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17  it is says that we should pray without ceasing. When you pray, you are able to worship, honour and adore God. This is where you have accept that you are a vessel that God is using to manifest His chosen Glory. This is where you can look up to God and thank Him for all the seasons he has brought you through in order to reach your current season. Sometimes we forget how God has given us the power to overcome. Whenever you pray, I believe this power is restored one way or the other. In prayer you are able to enter into the secret place. In Psalms 91:1 it says that whoever dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. For one to dwell in a secret place it means they need to know where this secret place is and who they are meeting there.

“Sometimes we forget how God has given us the power to overcome and whenever you pray, I believe this power is restored one way or the other.”

God will act according to His own will
When you know who God is to you, it is easier for you to flow and be free in The Spirit. In order for you to know where this secret place is, this means you have been there countless times before. The scripture also makes us understand that those who ‘’dwell’’ there ‘’shall abide’’. And for you to abide it means you have fellowship with God. Having a certain relationship with God makes you want to act according to His will. Whenever we pray it is vital that we ask God for directions according to His will and not ours.

As many of us know from experience, the most difficult person to advice is a woman that is in love. However, sometimes the man God has for you is not the one you are seeing in front of you. We tend to ask God for what we want and what we desire, however God will only act in accordance to His own will. When you develop your prayer life, there will come a time where God Himself will place certain desires in your heart, and from there everything will flow in accordance to His will. Gradually you will start noticing that God’s plan for your life was better than what you wanted in the first place.

Combining prayer with fasting
In life, there will always be raging storms, and in times of difficulty the best thing to combine with prayer is fasting. This is a tool that completes your Kingdom tool box. When you fast and pray you are willingly making a conscious effort not to eat, but instead focus on God and present yourself as a living tabernacle unto Him. As daughters of Christ, there is a certain assignment we have in this world, and a certain covering that our (future) husbands may not have. God has given us certain abilities to stand in the gap for our family, and the time to do so is during fasting and prayer.

You can start by setting aside a few days in a month where you fast and go before God, asking Him for the next direction in your life and that of your family. As we run this race called life, we need to unlock certain keys in The Kingdom. A woman is stronger on her knees than she is physically. There is a certain passion and momentum built inside of you that will continue to grow the more you willingly spend in God’s presence. Start today!

God bless,
Tracy Agyei
Content Creator

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