Faith in Christ: The Promise Keeper

Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us that what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Yet we sometimes still believe that God is not able to do the “impossible” for us. We may find it easy to believe that God answers prayers of others, but when it comes to ourselves, we feel that He might not answer ours. Why? Why can’t we have the faith that He can also do it for us? Don’t you think God loves YOU specifically?

The Story of Abram and Sarai
Let me take you to the Bible book of Genesis. Sarai was the wife of Abram and the mother of all nations. Abram was 75 years old when God promised him that he would be made into a great nation and that all the people of the earth would be blessed through him. After 10 years however, Sarai became impatient and told her husband to sleep with her Egyptian slave Hagar, and Hagar became pregnant. From this moment, Sarai despised her. She initially thought that this would be what God wanted, but it was not. At this time, Abram was 86 years old. Finally, when Abraham reached the age of 99 (24 years after the promise of God), God appeared to him and told him that he would become the father of many nations (Abraham) and his wife would be the mother of nations (Sarah, which means Princess). God told him that His covenant would be with his wife Sarai, who will bare him a son Isaac.

Well, there is more to this story, but I just want you to understand this whole situation. Sarah was 90 years old when she became pregnant. After the initial promise of God, they had to wait 24 years before the promise came to pass. What would you have done? Would you have taken matters in your own hands without consulting God? Would you have left your husband? Or would you have consulted God to strengthen your faith, because let’s be real, waiting for 24 years is not easy at all. But even through this hardship, even though they deferred a bit, Sarah and Abraham stayed together and didn’t give up on one another nor did they give up on God (read Genesis 11-24 for further study). Can we also have this much faith in God?

The Woman With the Issue of Blood
There was another woman in the book of Luke who had been bleeding for 12 years. As women, we already struggle with being on our period as it is, how much more would we struggle if it lasted for 12 years?  This woman had heard that Jesus would be passing by her town. Even after 12 years of suffering, she had not given up hope; she knew that one day her healing would come through. She had probably already heard of how Jesus had been healing the sick and how approachable He was, and off she went. She gathered courage and decided to ignore what people would say. She wasn’t afraid of what might happen or whether someone might block her way. She was brave enough to boldly approach Jesus.

The fascinating part of this story is that she did not speak to Jesus to ask Him to heal her. She had enough faith in His abilities to believe that touching something of Him would bring forth her healing, even if it was only the edge of His cloak. She believed that He would be the one who would heal her. And low and behold, the bleeding immediately stopped when she touched His cloak. By faith she had received her healing. By faith the bleeding that continued for 12 years stopped. By faith she had finally been able to be free from the thing that was not making her feel free (Luke 8:43-48).

Today, I want you to believe that there is nothing too hard for the Lord. It is up to us to have faith in God and to believe that God can do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ever ask for (Ephesians 3:20). But He only does so as long as we have faith and as long as we actually practice that faith. Faith does not only come by word but also through your actions. May you have a heart full of faith in Christ and may He open your heart to believe everything He has promised upon your life. In Jesus’ name I pray: Amen!

God bless,
Gloria Mensah
Guest Writer

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