Can We Design The Perfect Man?

Tall, black and handsome. Yes God, that’s how I want him. Charming and loving, forgiving and caring, sweet like candy, cute like a puppy, brave like a lion, wise like, perhaps, King Solomon? God I want and need him to be my first love! I don’t want to search for anyone else after him. I want him to love me more than I love myself. I want him to have the greatest qualities a man could ever have and I want him to have great compassion for children so that he will love our future children.

Oh Lord, and his smile! I want to melt like ice before the sun when he smiles at me. When I see him I don’t want to doubt his love but instantly know that he is mine, has been mine and will always be mine! No compromise! May he only have eyes for me God and no one else because I am not planning to share him with anyone nor am I planning to fight for his love. May he be more romantic than the book of Songs of Solomon, and above all God, may he be a God fearing man. In Jesus’ name I pray: AMEN!

Your Identity in Christ
With all my wants and likes, I had created my own man. I thought I could design him better than anyone else ever could. That was a mistake. I did not realize that I was creating an idol for myself, that I was creating the “perfect” man in my mind. I was actually searching for him, not knowing that I needed to search for myself first. How could he find me or how could I find out who he is, if I had no idea who I was myself? Well my name, age, origin and all that are clear, no doubt about that. But who was I in Christ myself? What was my value? What would I be able to offer someone? I realized then that I didn’t know my identity in Christ but apparently I was ready to create the identity of the person to spend my life with?

The Matters of The Lord
The Bible makes us understand that unmarried women should be concerned about the matters of the Lord. God wants us to be holy and set apart in spirit. Before we can fully give ourselves to the one God has for us, we need to be consecrated and set apart by God. We need to know what His plans are for us in this journey. God will bring us the ones that will help us on this road to fulfil this purpose (Psalm 4:3).

Therefore we should confidently trust the Lord with all our heart and not rely on our own understanding because if we did, we would never be satisfied (Proverbs 3:5). God is the giver of wisdom, knowledge and understanding but He can only help us if we call upon Him (Jeremiah 33:3).

With that being said: there is no need to design your own man. Let’s build ourselves first in being holy and set apart in both body and spirit so that in this journey, God will reveal to us who our husbands are.

God bless,
Gloria Mensah
Guest Writer

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