Why There is No Room for Jealousy When You Acknowledge Differences

Dear daughter of God, this is a letter written specifically for you..

We are daughters of Christ who have been chosen by Him to fulfil a specific assignment. However, we often focus on other things which can divert us from God’s purpose. One of the powerful tools used by the enemy are jealousy and envy. These two concepts are key elements which can block a daughter’s blessing on various levels..

The meaning of jealousy in the Cambridge dictionary is when one is unhappy and angry because someone has something they want. In the mainstream world there is a lot of jealousy, particularly among women. Many of us look at another woman’s appearance or achievements secretly wishing it was theirs. Shoes, bags,  bundles of hairs, jewellery, you name it. Don’t you see that all these are connected to one’s physical appearance? Please note that we can only see what other women want us to see. Everyone is fighting their own battle and has their own unique coping mechanism. This all may work for them, but not necessarily for you. When you look at another person’s journey, instead of feeling jealousy or envy, we should be encouraged as daughters of Christ and lift each other up towards the mark of greatness.

Jealousy comes from certain emotions, and our female emotions change like the weather. However, as a daughter of Christ, you are meant to keep your emotions in control, for Proverbs 29:11 (ESV) says “a fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back”. In order to withstand the temptations of the world, you need to fully clothe yourself in the armour of Christ, which is packed with love. The Bible let’s us know that love does not envy (1 Corinthians 13:4). If you see yourself as a daughter of Christ, negative emotions such as jealousy should not be among your attributes.

Many young females aspire to be like others and the moment they see themselves as the opposite of what their inspiration is, they tend to get jealous of that person. Looking at weddings on ‘Bella Naija’ as a single sister you may envy another sister because she recently got married and you are still single. This should not be the case! In this life time there is a time for everyone and a season. There are certain seasons that may arrive earlier for one than for the other. My father always says “Look at your five fingers: they are not the same, everyone is different and has another mission.” This made me realise that even though we may all be in the same location we all have different purposes to serve. God has made you in a unique way. Have you ever wondered how everyone has a different finger print? It is ‘’a pattern on the end of a finger which is different in each person.’’ Therefore Alicia can’t be the same and have the same finger print as Neema down the road.

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Whenever someone is doing something that you would like to do or aspire to get to where they are, you ought to pray for the grace to do similar. Each person is different, therefore the assignment God has linked to their destiny is different from the one He has for you. Ask God daily for a revelation of your purpose on earth and a calling that will help you walk in your destiny.

I hope this letter encouraged someone to stay in their lane and walk in your own purpose.

Continue to shine daughter of The Most High.

God bless,
Tracy Agyei

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