The Things You Ought to Do as a True Purpose Wife

As a wife, you should know your purpose long before marriage. Before I got married, my husband and I had marriage counselling. This is something some couples fail to attend or participate in because they fail to see the importance of marriage counselling. Marriage counselling helps both the man and woman understand Scripture and marriage. Secrets come up and things you didn’t know will be brought up. As a woman you should know what your purpose is as a wife. You are not the head. You are the helper of a man. This is also something a lot of women don’t understand. Just because they hear the word “helper”, some assume they are maids or are less worthy, which is absolutely not the case.

1 Corinthians 7_34 (2)

One of the things I learned during marriage counseling was that it is the man who speaks up when we are in a group of people. Instead of being the loudmouth, I should share my opinion with my husband when we are in private, for only his ears to hear. I also learned that my husband represents me, and I represent him. So as a wife, you should always be alert with everything you do so and say. You are a Purpose Wife, it is not a part time job.

1 Corinthians 7_34 (3)

It is only fair to say that our duty as a wife entails so much more than we might initially think. We are the helpmate to our other half by thinking with them and helping them make decisions. When a man has an idea, you as a wife have every right to share your thoughts about it and advise him. He has to listen to your ideas and advice, but you cannot force him to take your side. His decision is his, whether good or bad. Your purpose as a wife is to encourage, support, love, and submit to your other half. There is more, but these are the most important ones, in my opinion.

As a wife you should always encourage your husband and support his decisions, even if you don’t necessarily agree with him. You husband is also just a human being who makes mistakes, and in those situations, he will need your support. It is one of your duties as a wife to stand by your husband when he decides to take a certain step in his life. But be careful, this is obviously not the case when he makes decision that go against the will of God.

Love your husband at all times, that is what he needs and expects from you. Cherish him even when he makes decisions you don’t agree with, but it should not be a decision which is not of God or something which is against God’s will. Love your man regardless. Marriage is not a part time job, nor is it a temporary job. It is permanent and full time. So, I suggest that if you don’t love your boyfriend or the one you seeing right now… my sister don’t waste your time nor your energy.

Submit yourself to your husband. “Wives submit yourselves to your husbands, as it is fitting in the Lord.” (Colossians 3:18, NIV) The Bible has stated that clearly. We should submit ourselves to our man. It doesn’t mean that your husband too should take advantage and ask you to do things which are not right for you. A man who is God-fearing and knows well what was taught at marriage counseling knows exactly what Scripture meant by that.

Practice these things and you will be the wife to fulfil your purposes in YOUR marriage.
Every marriage has its ups and downs, and as a wife you should not ever be afraid nor embarrassed to think your marriage is bad. Go back to what you learned at marriage school. Open the Good Book. Pray and all shall be well.

God bless,
Edith Wiredu
Guest Writer

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