Why Marriage Needs A Wife With A Forgiving Heart

Apologising and actually meaning it, is no easy task. We face situations where have to apologize to a friend, a family member or a stranger on a daily basis. Saying a simple “sorry” to someone you randomly bumped in to is easy. But what about when you find yourself having to forgive your other half? That one person you don’t expect to hurt your feelings..

Firstly, we need to understand that marriage is not always going to be great as you see in movies or on social media. There will be times where you and your spouse hurt each other’s feelings. But what do you do then? Would you, as a woman of purpose, pack your bags and leave the house because your husband said something you did not appreciate? Or will you choose to sit him down and tell him how you feel? When your husband offends you in anyway; BE READY TO CONFRONT HIM (in the right way).

Whatever you are facing, learn to communicate with your husband. Tell him what he said or did that hurt your feelings, so that he gets the chance to work on it. Marriage is like signing a binding contract. You cannot just end without major consequences. By saying “I Do” at the altar, you entered into a contract without an expiry date. So you should be able to work through whatever comes your way during your marriage.

We all know the famous word spoken by an pastor or officiator at a wedding. But when time passes we often times tend to remember the “For Better, For Richer and In Goodness” parts, thereby conveniently leaving out the “For Worse, For Poorer and In Sickness” parts. I remember how someone once told me that a pastor should not mention the “for worse” part at a wedding, because we should not expect “the worse” to actually happen. I agreed with what the person said back then. But now? Not at all.

It is true that we have the ability to speak bad things in existence and should therefore be very specific with the things we say. But on a wedding day, in front of witnesses, it is only right that the two people who are entering a lifelong covenant be told that if it does get worse, you STAND by your partner. Whether it be financial issues or if there comes a time that one gets ill, you STILL stand by your partner. What if we speak of goodness only, and the bad happens? One can just take off and leave, claiming it is not what they bargained for.

But how do you actually get through the bad parts? By having a heart of forgiveness. Before marriage, I would be been the first to say “if my husband ever did this or that to me, I will leave.” Although my husband hasn’t done anything that made me want to leave, trust me when I say that if he did, I would be sitting right where I am now. I made the decision that this marriage would be for life, and I intend to keep it that way. Now I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t have a forgiving heart. As a woman of purpose, you should be able to forgive. Not only your husband, but just in general. If you don’t learn how to forgive and let go, you will hurt yourself, your marriage and everyone around you including your children.

A spirit of unforgiveness is so dangerous that it leads to a lot of damaging things such as bitterness, jealousy, ruined relationships and bad health. Because what you don’t realize when you’re keeping all that anger within you, is that is the world continues with their lives. Only you don’t.

Continue to be a woman of purpose and stay blessed always.

God bless,
Edith Wiredu
Guest Writer

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