Finding Out What God’s Expectations Are Regarding Your Life

As a young woman, many people have different expectations of you. As you get older, your family and friends may be asking so many questions about your future marriage, what your ambitions are, how much you earn, what you are doing career wise and the list goes on and on. That is why we run through the journey of life, and we don’t really think things through anymore. We just want to be fulfilled now and be happy. This is the reason why this generation is known as the ‘Microwave Generation’.

Many of us have become impatient, because we want to earn the approval of our family members and friends now. We want to meet the expectations of other people now. And that is why many rush into serious relationships such as marriage and end up with the wrong person. We tend to forget that it is better to stay single than to marry the wrong person. Or we pursue a career that we are not really passionate about. So we end up accepting jobs just because they make us look good, not because it makes us happy. We tend to live lives to please other people. It’s in our human nature that we want to make our parents proud and prove to the world that we are important.

We do this without thinking about what God wants for us and the pace He wants us to move at. Have you ever stood still and asked God what He expects from you? One thing is for sure, He wants the best for you!

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But before we can find out what God wants for us, we have to fully submit to God. What does it mean to submit? It means putting God first and yielding to His authority. Putting His desires above our desires. We need to sacrifice our lives to Him and hearken to His voice. That is why James says: “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James‬ 4:7‬, NKJV‬‬)

When you choose to submit to God, distractions flee and God receives the upper hand. Instead of being all over the place, you gain focus in life. Rather than focusing on what people think of you, try to focus on what God is thinking and saying about you. This will give you more peace and fulfillment. It is impossible to please people, because people always want more, and they expect you to evolve every single time. When you tell a friend that you have a crush the next thing that will be asked is: ‘When will you reach out to him?’ When you are finally in contact with this crush the next question is: ‘When will you start dating?’ When you are actually dating the next question is: ‘When will you get married and have babies?’ Disclaimer: the questions never stop.

It is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s human nature. We are curious about what our loved ones are up to. We just want them to be happy and see them grow. But we tend to forget that God is the Author of our lives and that we are human so we mess up and things may not go as planned. So when that particular relationship did not work out and we let it go, it feels like we have let the people around us down. One thing we should also remember is that everyone’s journey is different. So we should stop comparing. It’s okay to slow down in life.

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A man of God once said: ‘When you fail an exam you can take a resit. But when you over-speed on the road and you die, if you are not lucky to resurrect, you can’t come back and relive your life.’ When you study the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, when He was on earth, He never rushed into anything. He took His time, because He knew exactly what the will of His Heavenly Father was. The fact that His ministry started at the age of 30 already explains a lot.

So what are you trying to say, Justine? It is simple, trust in God’s timing. Don’t rush in life and don’t get worried if you are not meeting the expectations of people. Don’t let their expectations push you around. It will make you tired and you might end up being burned out. You want to make everyone proud and feel loved, I understand. But trust God. Let Him lead and make it your priority to find out what God wants for you. What are His expectations for your life? Spend time in prayer, study the Word daily and meditate. He is waiting for the sound of your voice. Surround yourself with mature people that understand the things of God. If you are not sure what the will of God is for your life, call upon Him so He can answer you and show you the mysteries of your life.

God bless,
Justine Asante

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