How Your Expectation Can Meet God’s Presentation

Don’t expect things, because expectations lead to disappointment.” This quote was once my status on MSN Messenger (those good ol’ days). I completely agreed with it and felt the need to share this truth with my friends. One day one of my friends hit me up and said “Your status isn’t true. Never say that expectations lead to disappointment. God would never disappoint you when you expect things from Him.” At that time, I probably rolled my eyes, because my status was not about God, it was about human beings who will most likely disappoint you when you expect things from them. Now I see more truth in what this friend had said. Indeed people will disappoint you, it’s in our nature; but God will never ever disappoint you, even though sometimes it may feel like He does.

My Timeline
What are some of the things you expected from God? What is it that you surely knew you would have by now, but He still hasn’t come through? For me, it’s a husband and almost a kid.
 I think a lot of girls used to fantasize about how they would be married by a certain age and then have kids at a certain age. This was before we knew what life was all about and how times have changed. My fairy tale dream was to be married by 25 then to start having kids at that age as well. Unfortunately (or, is it?) I did not get married by that age and I sure didn’t have a kid. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even have a boyfriend at that age. These factors caused me to start doubting God for a moment. Why am I still single? Why don’t I have a ring on my left ring finger? Why is this taking so long? I thought that if I had the desire to get married, it meant that marriage would soon come. These were some of the thoughts that would cross my mind. I expected God to do these things in my life, because I thought He was going to work with the time I gave Him. Girl, you thought!

Psalm 62 verse 5

God’s Timeline
See, this is the thing about God
: He does things in His own time. I believe that my expectations aren’t wrong. I believe that I have the desire to get married for a reason. However, thankfully, I’ve also grown and realised that He does things His way. He has a presentation ready for me. Remember that before we were born He knew us (Jeremiah 1:5) and He knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11). At times we forget that God has our lives figured out already. He just takes His time to present things to us at the right moments. He does not need to meet our expectation, for He already knows our expectations. He has done it already. Your job is to have faith and believe that the desire that is within you is not there in vain. He is going to do great things and all you need to do is trust Him. I have decided to let go of the idea of getting married soon. That does not mean that I don’t want to get married soon, it means that I’m not forcing my timeline on it. I trust that God is taking care of everything and it gives me peace to know that He is working on it. 

When it comes to people, try not to expect much. When it comes to God, expect a lot and see the amazing things He had already planned and is about to present in your life. God already has plans for you and He has a way of presenting them. Your expectations don’t need to be met by God. Your expectations need to meet God’s presentation. You do this by hoping and looking forward to the things you expect from Him. The presentation is ready, it’s left with your expectation now.

God bless,
Ruth Osei
Co-founder of The Purpose Wife

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