All the Reasons Why a Daughter of God Shouldn’t Struggle with Self-Love

Imagine laying in a labour room birthing out a child. Once you look at your daughter, everything about your babygirl seems just perfect. Her shining eyes, her tiny feet, her soft  hands, just everything. To you, it feels as if you’ve just made the most beautiful person on this earth. A few years pass by and your child becomes older. Then you sense that she isn’t quite happy and is struggling with self-love. How would you feel as a mother? Since birth, all you saw was a perfect little girl. She has the same nose and eyes as you, and maybe even the same personality. So how would you feel? Wouldn’t it be hurtful? She is literally a piece of you, and she feels bad about herself..

A lot of God’s daughters struggle with self-love. It may be the way they look, the things they went through or are still going through. But should that define them? Absolutely not! It doesn’t matter what we look like, or where we came from. Our appearance, our scars, our pain, our past, our ex-boyfriends; nothing in this world can define us. For the Lord who loves us with an unfailing and unconditional love, loved us first, and we are perfect in His eyes. See yourself the way God sees you! How do you think God feels when the apple of His eye feels bad about herself? You being insecure, that is exactly what the enemy wants. He came to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). This includes your happiness. He loves to see you struggle and thereby indirectly insulting God’s creation. Don’t give the enemy the chance to rejoice over your lack of self-love, but count yourself highly favoured and never look down on yourself. 

Sometimes we can say the meanest things to and about ourselves, but what if someone else said the same negative thing to or about you? Wouldn’t you defend yourself? I hope that you would have such a response to the person that they wouldn’t ever dare to speak to you like that again. But why do we destroy ourselves with our own words instead of defending ourselves with the word of God? Love and accept yourself, love your body, your personality, and all your flaws. You are perfect just the way you are, for God Himself formed and knitted you in your mother’s womb. You are a masterpiece, created by the Master. He framed you uniquely with His purpose for you in mind. God gave you all the reasons to love yourself. He adopted you as His own daughter, and when someone is being adopted, all the rights and responsibility are transferred to the new parents. God our father takes full responsibility over our future (Jeremiah 29:11). He choose you, so you are carefully selected from many. You are not a mistake nor forgotten (1 Peter 2:9). 

Learn how to accept and love yourself in a healthy way, because God loved you first. He sees you, His daughter, as a beautiful unique queen. He sees His daughter in excellence, just the way he sees His son. Believe and stand firm in the word of God, and don’t be troubled by the things around you. Don’t let anything but the word of God define you. 

God bless,
Stefanie Zimmerman
Guest writer

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