Who Is a Woman Without Her Beauty?

We often associate beauty with the way we look from the outside and fail to realise how we can beautify ourselves within our spirit. Beauty is defined as “The quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.”  The moment you see someone that is beautiful in your eyes, you will take a good look at them before moving on. However, this is all superficial attraction based on outer appearance.

Our Queen Esther was a very beautiful woman, as it is written in Esther 2:15 “Esther was winning favour in the eyes of all who saw her”. This means she had a particular attitude and aura about herself. I believe this stretched far beyond physical beauty. As a woman, you ought to make sure your inner beauty outweighs your outer beauty. You should make sure you are a complete package and possess favourable attributes. Your inner beauty will force all ears to listen to you when you speak.  In the olden days, women were not allowed to go to the workplace and that’s why we have the term “breadwinner”. The husband would go to work whilst his wife took care of the household. Nowadays, however, our generation is more open to women who educate themselves and build a career. Women now have the opportunity to rise up and set an example for those to come. You should invest in yourself, read certain books and equip yourself spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Copy of John 8 verse 10-11 (4)

In this world, you have to ensure that you are mentally strong. You should be wise enough to engage in conversations at certain levels. A lot of women work on their beauty in gym, but they are unequipped when it comes to their mental state. The combination of our Christian faith and reading books can impact careers and individuals. As a woman, your character will speak volumes of you and it is imperative that you develop a good one. This good character can help you move from one side of the spectrum to another. Your character determines how you handle your emotions and react in specific situations. Obstacles will come your way and people will say hurtful things to your face and behind your back, but how will you react to this? Will you start throwing your hands? There are certain things that you won’t do when you have developed a good character. This very character is meant to enable you to the where you stand before Kings and Queens without fear (Proverbs 22:29).

Copy of John 8 verse 10-11 (5)

Us people, we create profiles for one another in our minds. I personally believe you should let your profile speak for you, make sure it is in good condition! Characters produce fruit and yours should not be bad or expired ones. Queen Esther presented herself in a certain way. She carried herself with elegance and modesty. The people around her were cautious to not do something that would offend her. They made sure to glorify her presence at all times. When you are asked to meet a queen, will you behave anyhow? Probably not. You will make sure to behave in a certain way around her because you know that not all behaviour is acceptable.

We are all Queens and ought to walk in God’s favour. Whenever we look up to God, there are certain characteristics that He will mould and change for our own benefit.

God bless,
Tracy Agyei

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