The Beauty of Christ in Our Broken Pieces

Christian ladies usually associate the word brokenness with past personal- or relationship hurt. However, as human beings we are meant to get to a certain point in our lives where a situation forces us to hold onto God. We often think of brokenness in a negative context, but, in Christ, I believe there are certain obstacles that come our way for us to overtake and overcome.

The story of Job is a significant story in the bible that shows us how Christians face obstacles and how these obstacles turn out to be for the better. We can see that God allowed Job to go through the period of pain to test His commitment towards God. When someone is broken it means they are in a state of vulnerability. It becomes hard for them to stand strong in that moment as they have a feeling of defeat. In reality, no-one enjoys feeling broken or vulnerable. In the story of Job through his vulnerability, there was deliverance. Some experiences and circumstances in life may have caused you to feel broken and defeated, but, believe me, there will come a time where you will look back and see God’s how God healed you. Brokenness helps you reconstruct your relationship with Christ. Reconstructing means that you are rebuilding or reforming something that has been broken or damaged. Often when we are in a state of brokenness, we feel abandoned and lonely. In this period, some of us tend to turn our backs to God.

For me personally, there came a time in my life where I believed God had forgotten about me. The challenges I was facing seemed undefeatable and it felt as if my whole world came tumbling down. This led me to a place of despair, as I had no hope for the future. I did not believe Christ was able to save me and I started questioning God. However, even though you may drift away at times, if you are deeply rooted in Christ, you will find yourself going back to the source. I started remembering the things He had previously done in my life and it made me feel guilty for not having a fellowship with God. I decided to build a new relationship with Christ and started speaking to Him every second of the day. This enabled me to move forward in faith. Psalm 37:5 states that we should ‘’commit our way to the Lord.’’ This means that whatever that may come your way or stands against you, you are still trusting and believing in God.

Image of 1 thessalonians 5 verse 23 MSG translationWe need to come to a point in our lives where we have a specific fellowship and encounter with Christ that will make our faith unmovable and unshakable. This is the type of faith that can defeat brokenness and bring healing. Looking at the woman who was ‘’caught in the act’’ in the book of John, I am sure this woman was broken as people kept on accusing her and reminding her of the mistakes she had made. But when the matter was brought before Jesus, He asked the crowd a simple question that nobody could answer. In this situation, the woman needed to be healed and comforted and Jesus was the only one in her surrounding who was able to do so.

Loved one, without Christ it is impossible and very difficult for us to come out of our broken state. Christ is the only one who can help heal our wounds. Though our walks of life and the size of our wounds may be of different, Christ is able to heal all without leaving a scar. The only thing you have to do is connect to the source and God will carry you through.

God bless,
Tracy Agyei

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