She Takes Great Delight in Her Account to Christ

As a Christian woman, I believe we need to know what is biblically expected from us. Sometimes we tend to place ourselves in the background and put others in a position before us; however, we ought to know that God has created us for a purpose. For us to know what we must do in life, it is important that we seek God’s guidance over our life decisions.

As a Christian in general, you are accountable to God for everything. You may have a lot of titles attached to you as a woman, such as being a daughter of Christ, mother, teacher, mentor, etc. At the end of the day everything you do in these fields will reflect in your relationship with Christ and you will have to give an account one day. In Romans 14:12 it states that we will all give an account to God one day. At that moment your job title will not make a difference, it will be about your reflection as a daughter of Christ and whether you were able to portray yourself as such.

Many of us tend to have a circle around us that may not necessarily be Christ-like. However, we need to embrace those in this circle with open arms and help them one way or the other, so they can recognize Christ in us and strive to join us in our Christianity. In Matthew 4:19 Jesus said that we should make “fishers of men” and I believe this can only be done if those around you see the reflection of God through you.

Looking at the story of Queen Esther, she had a whole army of people depending on her. Queen Esther could have made the decision to ignore what everyone was saying and turn her back against her people, but she did not. At that moment in time, she made a profound statement in Esther 4:16 “If I perish, I perish!” Esther knew that God was holding her accountable for the people around her. She had to overcome the spirit of fear and fight back with the spirit of force. She stepped out of her human mindset and connected it to the divine anointing from above which enabled her to fulfil her God-given assignment. Due to this, Queen Esther’s name has made a profound mark in the Bible and this is all because she took her accountability serious.

Accountability is defined as “a situation in which someone is responsible“. As a parent, you are responsible for your children. For instance, whenever there is a form to be filled, they ask for the parent or guardian. They are responsible for the child and this ensures that the children are accountable to their parents and guardians. The same goes for Christians; whether a man or woman, an accountant or a lawyer, we are all accountable to Christ and are responsible for one another. We are to ensure people are standing strong in Christ and do not faint in Christ.

God wants and expects us to depend on Him through prayer, fasting and reading the Word. The more you soak yourself in His presence, the more you become aware of your actions and surroundings. Anything you do will be based on the sure foundation of Christ. You are not expected to be bossy, arrogant, or angry. You are expected to be strong emotionally, spiritually, and to be dependent on God. Sometimes we can get caught up in other worldly activities and forget that we have God whom we are accountable to. We need to fully depend on the Holy Spirit for Him to remind us of our accountability. This will enable us to take up our cross daily and move forward in faith.

God bless,
Tracy Agyei












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