Courtship: the Twofold Meaning of the Word

For a while now, I have been meditating on the word “courtship” and I found that it is actually two words combined. Court and ship. We all know that a court is a place where rulings and judgement are made regarding a case and that supporting evidence is presented (yes, I have watched far too many episodes of Judge Judy). And a ship, well a ship is a vehicle that transports goods or people on the sea from one place to another. That is how most of us know the word ship. If you combined those two words you would have court on a ship. That’s actually quite funny, let me explain that some more.

When you decide that you and your partner want to get married, you will need to get to know each other better. That is, each other’s ins and outs. During the course of your courtship, the both of will present evidence to support your case. You will not only present before each other, but also before your parents and God, for He is the Ultimate Judge. You should pray and seek God fervently because the person you will get married to is too big of a decision to make a mistake about. God will confirm whether that man is the real deal, or, for the sake of our theme, let’s just say He will make His ruling. In this setting, you can even see your parents as the jury. This all might sound funny but it truly does make sense when you think about it.

Now don’t forget that as the two of you are bringing forth your evidence, you are also getting to know each other. Not just on the surface as when you were friends before, but on a much deeper level. You will discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Questions such as what does he like and what makes him angry will start running through your mind. Some of the things you will uncover might bring forth some doubts about your current relationship. If so, then ask yourself: could I be with a person like this forever? If the answer is a hard no, then you should both go your separate ways. But if you are still willing to continue the courtship, be careful with the way you process the things you have uncovered. Ladies, let’s not become like the woman described in proverbs 25:24 (KJV) “It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house”. This is a woman who let’s things get the better of her and cannot compose herself. It’s a shame but there are many women like this, and you know what? Men tend to stay far away from them.Proverbs 12 verse 3-4All the things you find out about each other during your court-ship will give you insight in one another’s character. Can you handle your partner when he is angry, sad, discouraged? It is like both of you being on a ship. Sometimes the ship will go through quiet seas and sometimes through heavy storms before it reaches his destination. Can you handle it? Can you go through the storms together? The courtship will really prepare you for marriage. I have heard from many married couples around me, that marriage is not easy. A lot of things can happen, but what will you do and how will you handle it? When the inevitable storms come, be like the wise woman who buildeth her house and does not help to tear it down (Proverbs 14:1). This is the kind of woman that will help and support her husband so that, through storms, you will be able to make it to the end.

Lest I forget ladies, on a ship, there is one captain. Do you trust your husband enough to let him take the reigns over the ship? There can never be two captains on one ship. Never forget that the man is the head of the household and you are his support system. So during your courtship, you will know whether you can be such a woman that stands behind her man and knows how to be of help rather than destruction.

Remember in all things, bring your case before Almighty God.

God Bless,
Claudia Baah

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