Patience Is a Virtue

Black and white image of a woman with folded hands

Fast food, fast money, fast life, fast everything! The world we live in revolves around getting things right now. There is no time to wait for anything. There is no time to take your time and go at your own pace, it’s all about speed and greed. In this world it is necessary that we don’t forget to wait and observe. Especially these days when it is so easy for us to see what is going on around us and easy for us to want what others have. But let us not forget that “patience is a virtue“.Patience allow things to fall in to place everything worth having is worth fighting forA virtue is a good or admirable quality. Patience is the act of bearing annoyance, pain, discomfort, without complaining or becoming angry. Hence, being able to wait in discomfort without complaining or becoming angry is a valuable character trait. Patience is a part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22), which means that it is essential for us as Christians to have it. This trait is important in many aspects of our life, also when it comes to courting. Nowadays we have access to many social media platforms on which you, almost every day, see a couple that is labelled as “relationship goals“. Personally, seeing this makes me want to be in a relationship and achieve what these people have achieved. It makes me want to speed up the whole courting process so I can achieve to those “goals” as well.

I see people around me getting married and now I want to get married too. These desires aren’t necessarily wrong, but what’s wrong is that I am trying to do everything quick. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there is a time for everything. There is a time to be courting and there is a time to get married. There is no need to rush anything. We like to think that we have a biological clock that’s ticking so we need to hurry and get into a relationship. And that’s where issues begin. As soon as we start speeding up things out of greed, we fail to see the red flags in a person, we fail to analyse situations correctly, and we fail to do things God’s way; because we’re trying to take matters into our own hands.

While courting and getting to know one another, there is a need for patience. Everybody makes mistakes that can cause hurt or anger and more. Being patient means that you will give others the time to restore themselves, the time to work on themselves and become a better person. When we lack this trait, our courtship will be more prone to fights and arguments, and I’m pretty sure no one is looking forward to that. Patience is a virtue, because it is not easy to always pull through. It is not easy to endure the annoyance, the pain or the hurt someone  causes. However, when we are patient, there will be a reward that awaits us. We will either end up with the person we’re courting, because we have seen all we needed to see and taken the time to get to know this person; or we don’t end up with this person for the exact same reason.Remain patient and trust God in your journeyCourting is the period in which you get to observe the person who will potentially be your future husband. This is not the time to rush, but the time to take things slow and figure out whether someone is for you or not. God wants us to take our time and do things accordingly. We must be patient and do everything in His time.

God Bless,
Ruth Osei

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